The Novel Oxide MBE group, lead by Dr. Ingle, is located in the AMPEL Building (Room 245), and is a part of the Quantum Materials Laboratory recently created at UBC.

This group concentrates on the growth of novel epitaxial oxides in ultra-thin film form. The primary goal of this work is to learn how to use defects -- both point defects and extended defects such as surface and interfaces -- to modify the electronic structure of highly correlated oxides. To this end we study the physical structure using RHEED, LEED, x-ray diffraction, and STM (in collaboration with J. Barth) as well as the electronic strucutre via high-resolution ARPES (in collaboration with A. Damascelli). This experimental work is done in combination with many-body theoretical modeling provided by I. Elfimov and G. Sawatzky



More information on our research program and some of the ongoing projects can be found in our research page. Contact information for all group members can be found in people.


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