The group is currently setting up various components of an EELS system in the laboratory. The system consists of three m-metal chambers, independently pumped by turbomolecular pumps and cryopumps, connected by the use of valves. The main chamber is equipped with an ARUPS10 hemispherical electron analyser and a UVL-HI Helium discharge lamp, manufactured by VG Scientific. The analyser is situated on a two axis goniometer and is capable of almost a full 360° rotation in the horizontal plane and more than 90° out of the horizontal. It offers an angular resolution in the range of 0.2-2.0° in an energy range of 0.5-2.5 keV. The helium lamp provides two main energy lines at 21.2 eV and 40.8 eV. Another available excitation source is an Electron Monochromator Unit, EMU50, manufactured by VG Microtech. Sample manipulation is done with an Omniax manipulator capable of three translational and one rotational degrees of freedom, fitted with a Janis cryostat of temperature range 4-325 K. The prep chamber is equipped with a heater, an argon ion sputter gun and a wobblestick for in-situ sample cleavage and preparation.