The basic design for the Oxide MBE chamber is shown below. It is based around a compact ultra-high vacuum chamber that allows a wide selection of deposition apparatus to be connected. Furthermore, it is designed to be connected directly to the ARPES chamber in the Quantum Materials Laboratory.

The primary components of the deposition equipment are:

- Ultra-high vacuum compatible thermal evaporation cells, appropriate for the evaporation of most elements.

- Various sources to introduce oxidizing gasses -- primarily oxygen, atomic oxygen, ozone, NO2, and nitrogen.

- Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED), which allows real time structural information to be collected.

- A high temperature manipulator to hold and heat the sample during growth, from room temperature up 1200 C. This manipulator also has a QCM built into the side of it for deposition rate calibration. One of the challenges with the in-situ transfer of sample between the MBE and the ARPES chamber is that the sample must be mounted on a holder that is compatible with all manipulators. Due to the very different work environments of the manipulators, the design requirements of sample holder and transfer mechanism are extreme.

- A transfer mechanism to move the sample from an attached load lock to the manipulator, and then into the ARPES chamber.